Training With Bands: Ninja Tool of Strength Coaches

Ever wondered if elite strength coaches share all of their best tips on social media, or if they keep some of their best training secrets for their clients?  Of course, they do, and one of those ninja tips is the use of bands.  Yep, those wobbly, elastic strings aren’t just rehabilitation and dynamic warm-up tools, […]

Upping Your Trainability

Every weight lifter knows after a while progress stalls. It’s due to the biological law of accommodation which states “the response of a biological object to a constant stimulus decreases over time.” It means the body adapts, and what was once perceived as challenging is now part of the normal way of doing things. Interestingly, […]

Got a Back-Support Plan? Make Sure You Have One

At some point, every adult over 40 experiences back pain, arthritis or some form of disk injury. When it happened to me, I first sought help from my doctor who told me to focus on mild forms of yoga and Pilates to build up my core. After 2 weeks and no pain relief, I went […]

Mastering the Art of Training Hard Enough

One of the principles I live by is knowing what “done” looks like. In fact, it’s such a foundational step in decision making, I reinforce it with everyone I work with. Why? It’s the one thing during planning that provides a space for modification…and to deal with the unexpected. It also helps focus activities so […]

Boosting Your Body’s Energy Grid

Mitochondrial function is one of the most important metrics of whole body health. And while most fitness-minded adults know that mitochondria are important for energy metabolism, what they don’t know is when it comes to the disease prevention and longevity game, total numbers count. So, here is some interesting information about mitochondrial physiology and function […]

Cleaning the Body of Unwanted Cargo

I have my diet pretty dialed in, but I also pay attention to when my body needs a change. Many people adjust food and experiment with recipes. I play with biochemistry. In short, if I can eat or do something that’s going to improve immunity, reduce inflammation or improve mitochondrial function, then I’m going to […]

Stress – The Good, The Bad, The Misunderstood

If you’re an active adult, chances are at some point you’ve experienced fatigue. Fatigue in healthy individuals is typically the result of overload (e.g., too much work, illness or trauma like an accident or loss of a loved one). But nowadays, experts also caution adults from too much physical exercise…saying it can overload the body’s […]

Train Hard. Train Smart.

Recently, I had the pleasure of getting to know Canadian strength coach Christian Thibaudeau. If you read the online magazine Testosterone Nation (TNation), you’re probably very familiar with his work.  Anyway, in one of our conversations I asked him, “What’s something about strength that most adults know but aren’t taking to heart?” He said people forget that the […]

Tips for Adopting a Brain-Healthy Lifestyle

Ask most adults if they’re worried about losing cognitive capacity as they grow older, and you’ll hear an astounding yes…and with good reason. Alzheimer’s disease now affects some 5.4 million Americans and has become the third leading cause of death in the US. Moreover, a woman’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease now exceeds her risk […]

Vitamin D Supports Healthy Bones and Neuromuscular Function in Weightlifters

Everyone knows that vitamin D is needed for strong bones, but what most don’t know is that it’s one of those amazing substances that changes how our genes operate in all of our tissues and organs… even the brain. In the case of bone, vitamin D causes the genes in intestinal cells to produce more […]