Training With Bands: Ninja Tool of Strength Coaches

Ever wondered if elite strength coaches share all of their best tips on social media, or if they keep some of their best training secrets for their clients?  Of course, they do, and one of those ninja tips is the use of bands.  Yep, those wobbly, elastic strings aren’t just rehabilitation and dynamic warm-up tools, […]

Upping Your Trainability

Every weight lifter knows after a while progress stalls. It’s due to the biological law of accommodation which states “the response of a biological object to a constant stimulus decreases over time.” It means the body adapts, and what was once perceived as challenging is now part of the normal way of doing things. Interestingly, […]

Torque – The Secret Sauce of All Movement

In last year’s CrossFit Games, we saw several men get injured (i.e., pec tears) while doing kipping pull-ups on rings. Experts speculated it was due to inadequate warm-up or not enough horizontal pressing in their training programs. But something didn’t add up. If that were true, why didn’t any of the female athletes get the […]

Restorative Workouts…My “Go To” Method for CNS Drain

One of the most interesting ideas from the strength and conditioning world is the concept of restorative workouts. It surfaced when coaches noticed that certain athletic types don’t recover easily from high stress training simply by resting and refueling. In fact, whereas many still subscribe to the old-school philosophy of “the more you train, the better […]