The D2BS Master Class is a one of a kind, all-inclusive education and training experience covering environmental / chemical irritants, biological influences of sex and age on performance, functional and therapeutic qualities of food as well as strength training. Why did I create this? Because adults need help finding the protocols that work with (not against) their body’s unique physiology and innate muscle-building mechanisms.

Monthly Packages & Prices

D2BS Master Class (4 Online Coaching Sessions)


D2BS Master Class (4 Coaching + 4 Strength Training Sessions)


What’s in Your Custom Package?

Mary Kay's Commitment

  • Success Planning: Goal and strategy alignment mapped out in a weekly schedule
  • WEEKLY ACCOUNTABILITY: Daily logs submitted every Sunday for me to view progress
  • TRAINING PLAN: 5-6 day/week individualized workout plans
  • MOVEMENT COACHING: Feedback (in person or via video) on your lifts and exercises to help cement good form before adding load
  • MACRO PROFILE: Personalized functional macro requirements to support your goals
  • LAB AND SUPPLEMENT BREAKDOWN: Guide to labs to help identify your biochemical and hormone baseline
  • “LEANING OUT” STRATEGIES: Advanced dieting tips to maximize fat loss and optimize cellular repair and protection
  • D2BS RECOVERY PROTOCOL: Daily practice to lower cortisol and accelerate recovery
  • RE-ASSESSMENT: Skill, strength and work capacity re-assessment every 4-6 weeks to help establish next phase goals

“Mary Kay gave me workouts perfectly tailored to my fitness level. I never felt intimidated, and I always left the gym feeling satisfied. The best part was she kept my program varied and dynamic enough that I was never bored! I highly recommend Mary Kay for anyone wanting that personal touch!”

-Emily W.

Your Commitment

This program is all about mastering your body and figuring out what it needs to perform at its best. That requires time, experimentation and journaling. So, please be aware that each session ends with homework. Please don’t skip the homework.

If you want to find the right protocols, you need to witness and experience everything that’s happening in your body and connect WHY something works or doesn’t work for you. That’s when the magic happens.

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If you’d like to schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation, please email mar[email protected] and type in “Appointment” in the email subject line. Please provide a phone number and a good day/time to contact you, and I’ll get back to you.