My story is a familiar one. I was active and healthy throughout life, but sometime during my 40s, I started to decline physically. Experts told me what to eat and how to exercise, but no matter what I did, my body seemed to break down more. That’s when I set out to find new ways to improve my health.
I took classes, studied my own body and experimented with food, adaptogenic plants and nutraceuticals, hormone replacement therapy and strength training. Over time, I learned I have a very sensitive body, and if I don’t give it the right food, exercise, and proper rest, it becomes irritated. I also started to recognize the subtle ways my body was telling me what it needed that I had been ignoring for so many years. The smarter and more diligent I became about responding to my body’s cues, the better the results… the bigger the transformation. Now, in my 50s, I’ve cured myself of several ailments, eliminated pain in my knees and hips, achieved several strength records, and I’ve even learned how to snatch.
While I was doing research for my book, I started to see that the cream of the crop in their fields (aka brain and Alzheimer’s, auto-immune disorders, hormone therapy, functional nutrition, CrossFit, Bodybuilding, Strength Training, etc.) all followed the same basic tenets:
Your sex, age, biochemistry and hormones matter
Eat real food…not too much, mostly plants
Work out every day… hard enough to trigger muscle growth and fat burning
Stop taking short cuts
Then, one day, as I was comparing expert workout templates, all the puzzle pieces suddenly clicked together. Whereas before I ruminated over exercise selection and rep schemes, I now saw each coach’s methodology… the core principle they were using to trigger protein synthesis.
I could see, just by looking at a program, if a) it was going to stress my central nervous system or muscular system or both, b) if the methods would satisfy my psychological profile and c) if the volume or intensity would trigger my cortisol to spike. Best of all, I knew exactly how to modify it to work for my body. The concept of beginner versus advanced exercises and workouts became irrelevant. I even connected that my attraction to certain pieces of equipment, methods and training strategies was not a fluke. It was my body guiding me to another approach.

I believe all adults can benefit from a basic understanding of biochemical individuality, functional nutrition and strength education, and I know many are searching for this information, so they can master their own body. That’s my D2BS mission…to help you find the answers you’re looking for.
I know it sounds cliché, but everything is connected.
What you think is what you create … in your body and in life
When you feel good, you want to do more
When you like your training, you keep doing it
When you stop seeking perfection or the next PR, you start to appreciate ALL the ways that you’re getting better
Now, I imagine myself living into my 90s…staying positive, practicing gratitude, enjoying family and friends, training… serving. It would be my honor to help you.
Education and Credentials :
Mary Kay holds a M. Ed in Educational Psychology, is a graduate of Tom Malterre’s Progressive Practitioner program and is author of the book“The Body Whisperer” available on Amazon and holds several credentials including: NSCA-CPT, PPSC and Level 1 Weighlifting.
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