If you want to do resistance training, learn pain-free exercise modifications or figure out how to add new challenge into your program, I’m located in El Dorado Hills, California and have a personal gym for private sessions.  No distractions or need to compete with others. It’s just you and me versus iron.   And don't forget to ask about my MEMBERS ONLY club.  I've got amazing deals for returning clients!!
1 55-Minute Personal Training (PT) Session
SPECIAL:  2-3x PT Sessions/Week
SPECIAL: 1st Responders Rate
SPECIAL: Summer Slim Down Program
Includes: Eating/Macro Plan, Personalized 5-6 Day Training Plan and 4 PT Sessions
Your health and safety are of the utmost importance to me. Hence, here are new operating procedures you can expect when visiting my gym.

Client Scheduling - Inserting a 30-minute break between clients to allow for de-sanitization of equipment and mats between clients.

Gloves- Wearing gloves to set up/move equipment for each new client (discarded after 1 use/client).

Masks- Wearing a mask during the session (especially when contact requires less than 6 ft. of distance).

Workouts- Adding whole body performance programming (that can be completed outside) in addition to regular resistance training and mobility work in the gym.
Female Strong and Toned
Not everything that works follows scientific principles. So, we’ll start by covering the body’s hierarchy of influence and age-related physiological changes. Then based on your goals, I’ll design a training and eating plan that works with your unique physiology.
(Includes 2 60-minute training sessions, macro targets (based on goal), a personalized 1-month strength program and unlimited Q&A with Mary Kay. )
Superbly Lean
One question on every adult’s mind is, “What’s the best way to lose fat?” In this program, I’ll share advanced “leaning out” and dieting tips from nutritionists and elite athletes, and then I’ll help you find the strategies that facilitate a healthy muscle-to-fat ratio for your body.
(Includes 2 60-minute training sessions, macro targets (based on goal), a personalized 1-month training program and unlimited Q&A with Mary Kay.)
Youth Sports Performance
In this program, we'll follow the different phases of athletic development:  bodyweight mastery, athletic preparation, sports strength and muscle building and power performance to achieve your athletic goals, improve flexibility, balance and coordination with low risk of injury.
(Includes 6 20-minute coaching sessions, eating/macro plan (based on goals), 1-month training plan and unlimited Q&A with Mary Kay.)
If you’d like to schedule a free 30-minute consultation, please email and type in “Appointment” in the email subject line. Please provide a 
phone number and a good day/time to contact you, and I’ll get back to you.

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